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Who We Are


I am the chef/owner of Fete Fraiche Inc.  When I am not in the kitchen or obsessing over making your event perfect, you're likely to catch me writing menus, lists, turning ideas, shopping at the farmer's market and... obsessing over making your event perfect - and not only in my waking time.  Sometimes I take a hike, literally, or muse about becoming lazy. 

Food has been a central part of my life, family and culture.  My earliest culinary memory is of myself and my brother, toddlers, sitting on the kitchen counter watching in anticipation as our mother whipped up butter and sugar by hand, then rolled it into a giant ball (phase 1 of her famous pound cake) then offered us the opportunity to poke eyes into that buttery head.  Once the nose and smile were complete, we got a taste.  As a kid, my best friend and I must have cooked every recipe in a children's cookbook many times over.  There were also those experiments in the easy-bake oven, best not discussed.  Through high school I read every book I could get my hands on about nutrition and began focusing on balanced diets.  I lay sleepless at night throughout my teens and young adult life thinking about what I would make the following day.  While studying overseas I seized the opportunity to work kitchens and take cooking classes.  Still, this is my third career.

As a young transplant to the Bay Area, I dabbled in high tech and college recruiting.  Soon, I took on the role of nurturing offspring full time.  After 15 years of raising exceptional human beings, it was time to turn my passion to profession.  I enrolled in the CCA's Culinary Arts program and began cooking professionally in 2013, adding another exceptional human being to the mix just to keep myself in check!

I was fortunate enough to work with outstanding people in the industry, later cooking for private clients, customizing their weekly meals for optimal nutrition and flavor and contributing to their overall quality of life.  Personal chef work turned into catering, and Fete Fraiche Inc was incorporated in 2016.  Since then, I have continued to forge long-term trusting relationships with clients, whether for private events or in the corporate arena.  

Nothing is possible, however, without a team of talented, spirited and passionate pros!  



Steve was a hedge fund operator for 15 years. Then he became obsessed with food, went to culinary school, and moved to San Francisco. Steve is delighted to be on the Fete Fraiche team curating and executing thoughtful culinary experiences. He is currently interested in sensory perception and the psychology of food. Ask him about: umami.


Though my main craft is acting, I, like most artists, love to eat too!  Don’t get me wrong, I know my way around a kitchen and set the sharpest looking table around.  I’m just as willing to pick up a knife for prepping as your plate for bussing.  Love to smile, make guests happy and taste the kitchen’s magic.  Bon Appetit

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